14th Nov, Workshop follow up

On the 14th of November 2018 the first expert groups workshop within the framework of the Voluntarily Raising Standards Program was held jointly with the League […]

We start the work of expert groups to create voluntary business standards!

Within implementing the EU FORBIZ international technical assistance project, we gather the representatives from HoReCa, beauty and real estate business sectors.  We welcome to join the expert group [...]

Results of networking event in Chernihiv

Each manager strives for business to be successful, and unpredictable circumstances can be solved quickly, professionally and painlessly. This meeting is for those who are ready to cooperate, change and increase efficiency - their own, their business, the economy. [...]

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To make business in Ukraine effective, and women - competent and successful.
Our values: Democracy, Transparency, Ethics, Professionalism, Mentoring, Reliability, Emotional Intelligence.
We are open to all who need our help, aspire to joint development, share our principles and values. Join to succeed together!

Kmbs and UNDP Ukraine Business Conference

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