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Results of networking event in Chernihiv

Networking Game” meeting held in Chernihiv for the third time.

Each manager strives for business to be successful, and unpredictable circumstances can be solved quickly, professionally and painlessly. This meeting is for those who are ready to cooperate, change and increase efficiency – their own, their business, the economy.

Target audience – representatives of small and medium-sized businesses, managers, entrepreneurs and owners (100 participants from different fields of activity, different regions).

The main objectives of the event are:

– to obtain new contacts, acquaintances, partnership, to exchange of work experience of the client base among the participants

– to train the participants to briefly present themselves and their businesses

– to give proven communication instruments

– to create a trust environment

– to receive information from the participants on the main challenges for business development and their vision, how they can be overcoming

– to discuss the action plan to overcome challenges, prospective projects and effective training programs and formats of cooperation to help.

Networking Game”

  • 100 participants from different industries and businesses
  • 100 useful contacts
  • 100 up to date tools for cooperation
  • and 100% success

During the event, the trust climate existed where all the participants frankly presented themselves, met and appreciated the potential of each other. Even those who seemed long familiar, found a new vector of directions and activity to go, which were not even guessed. This is a confirmation of the fact that we often underestimate each other, we do not know the possibilities of each other and do not use the potential of each other.

An extremely successful brainstorming session was conducted to identify problems issues of business. This part once again confirmed that the problems are 99% identical – regardless of the scope and size of the enterprise, the region.

The main problems discovered:

  • A complicated, volatile and irrelevant legislative framework
  • The personnel – the lack of staff in general, including skilled professional staff (hackney migration abroad, or to Kiev).
  • Insufficient level of managerial skills, tools. Managers often have a narrow professional specialization. This is not enough at a certain stage of the organization development. This is one of the main reasons for stopping the operation of micro and small business.
  • Lack of internal business standards and corporate culture, clear and simple rules and regulations
  • Low level of cooperation, unification of efforts, perception of each other as competitors, but not partners
  • Insufficient communication skills, closedness of business
  • Significant share of the shadow business segment, unhealthy competition
  • Access to finance

Solutions proposed:

The working groups at the event developed and presented solutions to the above questions, namely:

  1. Creation of effective business support centers for “Centers for Increasing Business Standards and Customer Orientation”. Created based on business associations, with the interaction of authorities, but not based on the government structures. Centers form a trusted environment, and are working to meet the needs of business, and for business initiatives, to increase efficiency and competencies, to implement effective projects and programs.
  2. Formation and launch of a program like a mini MBA. Today, the market is full of a variety of programs, trainings, workshops. The entrepreneur cannot analyze and evaluate the competence of experts, the effectiveness of training and moreover, openly and professionally assess their own need, due to lack of time, their own limited specialization in the profile of activities and low level of trust. Only an integrated complex approach, an extensive educational program and cooperation with the businessmen and businesswomen, owners and the change the approach, business philosophy with introduction of the internal quality standards, work on their own product, service, as the main competitive advantage can yield a steady, effective result that will gradually change a culture of doing business, motivating global thinking, cooperation, using up to date tools that will change the business environment as a whole. The program is designed for two target categories of entrepreneurs – “Startups”, “Business”.
  3. Implementation of Equal Opportunity Policies through PARTNERSHIP – in the family, business, and society. That will promote the disclosure of potential, increase the efficiency of business and remove stereotypical perception of Gender as a feminism or counteraction. Synergy, Interaction, Partnership. We work for each other’s success!

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