Results of networking event in Chernihiv
The first expert groups workshop within the framework of the Voluntarily Raising Standards Program was held

We start the work of expert groups to create voluntary business standards!

Within implementing the EU FORBIZ international technical assistance project, we gather the representatives from HoReCa, beauty and real estate business sectors.

We welcome to join the expert group 2-3 representatives who are the opinion leaders of the HoReCa, beauty and real estate industries from each region.

There are requirements to the expert groups: experience in managing the institution in the above-mentioned sectors, implementation of business standards in the activities (European experience, internal rules, and practices)

The registration is obligatory and is available under the link:

Please check your mailbox for the confirmation of the registration

There will be 2 coffee breaks during the event.

There is no reimbursement for the transport expenses

We have 12 participants in the mini groups and the following questions are for the discussion:

  1. What standards of the existing ones do you apply in your company? If you have adopted, then how?
  2. What are the client`s risks in your business?
  3. What are the risks for an enterprise exist in your business in terms of client-enterprise?
  4. What are the risks of human resources management in your sector or industry?
  5. We do conclusions and set up standards.

The next step is to pass the findings to the expert Konrad Drozdowski

And what standards do you apply? Please let us know in comments what is important for you and your clients?