The first expert groups workshop within the framework of the Voluntarily Raising Standards Program was held
Expert groups met within the framework of the Voluntary Professional Development Program

The general meeting of NGO “BPW of Ukraine” and business party took place

On February 8, a general meeting of the NGO “BPW of Ukraine” took place in Chernihiv. The presence is almost one hundred percent, and the solution is unanimous, which deserves special attention. It is worth noting that in the new year 2019, the ranks of the League were replenished with new members from different regions of Ukraine: Kiev, Odessa, Kharkiv, Vinnytsia.

The event was divided into several parts, more and less formal. The first part was devoted to the questions of the report of the governing bodies of the organization, amendments to the Statute, and also new coordinators were elected for six of the seven League Committees, namely: Marketing and PR, External Communications Committee – Anastasia Malova-Gerdt (Kyiv) , Provision Business Services , Events, Business Development Committee – Alla Solodova (Chernihiv) Advocacy Committee – Angelika Kobeleva-Lyskova (Chernihiv), Mentoring Committee – Olena Kupina (Kharkiv) Project Action Committee – Nadiya Karplyuk (Vinnytsia), Youth Development Committee – Christina Faychak (Kyiv).

After considering all the issues on the agenda, the participants joined together for assembly work on planning development strategies of the Committees. The strategic session was moderated by Svitana Gaidachuk. Then, each group presented work that emphasized rather ambitious and progressive views on the future work of the League.

And how is it without a holiday? And the theme of the business party was “For love or for money?”. Very symbolic and provocative. You will not buy a real love for money, but a fake one will not bring joy. The same is true in business and in any other business. If you set the only goal – to make a profit, you will not be successful and happy, because it is a state of mind, which is achieved only when you do your work with love: to the team, to the client, and to yourself! During the party, pleasant and useful were combined – listened to the interesting speakers, studied taking pictures and dancing, playied lotteries with prizes from our members and partners, participated in the business game to create an exclusive business product.

New teams, with new forces, with grandiose plans begin this year! And it promises to be surprisingly productive and fast. To be continued…