The general meeting of NGO “BPW of Ukraine” and business party took place
A number of important decisions were made at the meeting of the Board

Expert groups met within the framework of the Voluntary Professional Development Program

On February 18, 2019, a regular meeting of expert groups with representatives of the furniture industry and the visual industry was held in Kyiv within the framework of the Voluntary Professional Development Program.

Just to remind you that in 2017, the NGO “League of Business and Professional Women of Ukraine” initiated a project “Advocacy Campaign for the Establishment of Business Standards and the Implementation of the Self-Regulatory System in Ukraine” with the support of the UNDP Project “Strengthening Small and Medium Enterprises Business Associations”. Five informative and discussion events took place in Kyiv, Chernihiv, Kharkiv, Vinnytsya, Lviv and one module session with business and government representatives in Mariupol. The partners of the event were business associations such as the Union of Entrepreneurs “Wall” (Vinnytsia), Donetsk CCI (Mariupol, Kramatorsk), “Union of Poultry and Forage Producers of Ukraine” (Kharkiv), Club of Businessmen (Lviv), Association of Green Tourism (Kyiv), Ukrainian Association of Furniture (Kyiv), Union of Hairdressers of Ukraine (Kyiv), Committee of Standards of Beauty Salons (Kyiv), Center for International Private Enterprise CIPE, Office of Effective Regulation BRDO, Kyiv-Mohyla Business School, Justice Department in Chernihiv oblast, etc.

The project continued by forming the working groups on the field activities to develop the standards and further implement them in practice. The first meeting of the working groups took place on November 14, 2018, and where business representatives working in the HoReCa, industry and realtor activities participated. 

Representatives of the furniture industry and the visual industry joined the regular meeting of expert groups within the framework of the Voluntary Professional Development Program.

Julia Zaika opened the meeting with the motivation: “If we frankly speak about the problems, reasons and consequences, and what the ideal procedure for product promotion from the consumer point of view should look like, then we will be able to find those unique tools that will assist the development and being customer-oriented.”

The moderator presented to the audience the business standards based on the example of the project “Advocacy Campaign for Business Standards and Self-Regulatory System Implementation” within the framework of the UNDP Project “Strengthening Small and Medium-Sized Businesses”.

Yulia Zaika mentioned that a conference is planned in March with the participation of ministries and various business companies from all over Ukraine, where the business standards will be presented. “There will be an opportunity to talk with ministries and legislators on business process management and we can take up writing standards for our industry,” said the moderator.

Vladlen Sysun, UNDP project coordinator followed Yulia’s speech with the focus on the importance of business standards: “If we talk about the abstract quality standard, then it’s not clear who will pay for but if we are talking about the business model of the quality standard, like a  business project, so it has the right to live, and maybe there is a need for some kind of investment in the beginning, but there is a potential to grow and develop. ”

As the next step working groups were formed from the participants. Two working groups named as the Ukrainian Association of Visual Industry and the Ukrainian Association of Furniture Manufacturers. Each group had time to discuss the peculiarities of standards application in their field. Then, the group’s representatives presented these standards and main conclusions.

Yulia Zaika, executive director of the League of Business and Professional Women NGOs and Angelika Kobelev-Liskova coordinator of the advocacy committee at the NGO League of Business and Professional Women moderated working groups.

Inna Nesmyrna, the President of the Ukrainian Association of Visual Industry spoke out at the event the first. 

The basic standards used by the Ukrainian Association of Visual Industry member`s companies (UAVI):

  • Interpretation of the standards of the European association, that brings together the same associations as UAVI in European countries;
  • EER standards (electrical equipment regulations);
  • state building standards;
  • standards of light transmission.

The risks identified by a customer of visual business are the security risk (technical security, electrical safety, fire safety) and the risk of termination. As a result, there are risks existing for the companies from UAVI: loss of authority, underpayment. The risk to business is the lack of qualified personnel, staff training at the enterprise cost, the migration of trained personnel between competing enterprises and abroad, as well as after the training the staff may open their own businesses.

Inna presented the conclusions: the need to continue the translation of standards of the European association, to form their own standards and bring them to customers with photos and videos. Visual group participants identified three basic standards: installation standards, mandatory design standards with calculations of load and standards for mandatory warranty and post-warranty service.

Svitlana Haidachiuk, a member of the Ukrainian Association of Furniture (UAF) presented their findings from the working group of the UAF. There are three main conclusions: 

The main standards of UAF members are standards for communication with interior designers, communication with serial and project furniture, staff recruitment standards, installation, and packaging standards, and technical specifications standards. The decision was also taken to participate in the development of a royalty agreement between furniture manufacturers and designers, where the set of standards for cooperation between designers and furniture companies will be put. The goal is to make the royalty work as the only one template for both parties. The management and members of the UAF decided to move purposefully towards the “Furniture of Ukraine”, where the separate standards for quality have been developed already.

Right now we are creating our own rules of the game. Join us! We suggest you be part of the history today:) – send us an email to the advocacy committee