A number of important decisions were made at the meeting of the Board

There was a meeting of the working group on the establishment of business standards in the beauty industry

On February 27, a working group of representatives of the beauty-industry met in Chernihiv.

To prevent the risk of poor quality procedures, representatives of the beauty industry have united around the project “Advocacy Campaign for Business Standards and Self-Regulatory System Implementation” launched within the UNDP Ukraine / UNDP Ukraine Project “Strengthening Small and Medium-Sized Businesses'” Also, along with the FORBIZ project, business owners in the beauty-industry for 3 months had the opportunity to work with international expert Konrad Drozdovsky on setting up business standards precisely in their field.

Representatives of the beauty industry, members of the working group, discussed the project of business standards – the beauty industry, the Code of Ethics Code of Conduct and other practical developments that will help create competitive advantages for business owners, quality services for the consumer and understandable rules of the game on the market.

If you are a representative of the beauty industry, the business owner – join the discussion within the working group, make your comments and suggestions. Because right now we are creating a new reality on our own, in which all parties will win. Join!

If you decide to enter the history and now make a step towards success – send a message to the coordinator of the platform “Advocacy Activity” Angelika Kobeleva-Lyskova by e-mail bpwuaadvo@gmail.com.